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The retrieval of the raw material is entrusted to our affiliate ‘PorkTrade’, an Italian company that deals with the selection, growth and transport of selected animals.
PorkTrade purchases for us in Denmark selected pigs and gilts of approx. 30kg, dealing with documentation, transport and delivery to affiliated companies in Brescia and personally following the growth process through the support of nutritional and veterinary phases, ensuring the highest level of health and the latest standards on animal welfare in every operating phase. A good health condition is a fundamental requirement to allow the pig to express all its genetic potential both in terms of size and quality of the litters and in terms of daily growth, food conversions, protein deposits, quality of meat and carcass.

When the animal reaches the pre-established standards, it is delivered to us. Here it is stored and fed for 2/3 days in a stabling where the veterinarian certifies his health. The animal is then stunned, determining the loss of consciousness, and then knocked down, respecting animal welfare. We then proceed with the desizing and cutting phase at our plant, recognized with the CE IT T3429 Health Authorization pursuant to REG. 853 / CE / 2004 which guarantees traceability. This phase ends with the post-mortem veterinary examination, as a health guarantee for the operations carried out.

The processing phase lasts 4 consecutive days and consists of the following phases:

Day 1: Boning and preparation of cuts. At temperatures of 4 ° C;
Day 2: We procede to bagging products in this phase. The main ones are cup, shoulder, culatello, fiocchetto, guanciale, pancetta, lardo, bucetta.
Day 3: Now we can start the salting phase which is very important and has the primary function of conservation. We use only genuine ingredients, without the addition of additives. On the 3rd day after slaughtering, the salami is also produced, using the parts not yet worked. The composition is minced meat, fat and spices. After preparing the dough, proceed with bagging and binding.
Day 4: After salting, the products are left for 7 days in special cells that recreate a cold and humid environment, during which the product is left to dry. After these days we move the products to Maturing cells. This phase has the function of drying the product inside and of favoring the formation of their own special aroma.

Our processing cycle ends with the direct sale of products at the store in our company structure where you can always find all our products.

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