The goal of our work is to deliver to customers a finished product strongly linked to the territory in which we operate. Products worked in the local tradition, guaranteeing quality and limiting production steps to the minimum necessary. The so-called short supply chain guarantees a direct producer-consumer relationship in which we stongly believe.
The affiliation with consolidated collaborators, who work by our health and quality standards and in full compliance with current regulations, allow us to control and guarantee the entire production cycle.
Our working room also allows you to view, in compliance with the rules, the main phases of work with a view to transparency and recognition in the trust granted us.

Our production is linked to the territory in compliance with the local tradition.


Salami is the prince of delicatessen. To obtain the best product of Upper Sebino we choose the best cuts of meat and fat, to which we add a special mixture of salt and spices.
To be faithful to tradition, we pack the dough obtained in pure pork casing whose size can vary in diameter and length, so each salame is tied by hand, to maintain its characteristic shape even in the following phases.
Once ready, the salamis are placed in drying cells for about a week and then moved to special rooms for seasoning proper, which traditionally must be at least six months.
At the end of the whole process we get the typical taste of our area, where the Valle Camonica meets Lake Iseo in a unique combination of flavors.


Made up of the fleshy mass at the upper end of the thigh, it is considered by experts as the most noble area of the same. The first operation consists in removing the skin and part of the fat. Afterwards the thigh is placed on the external part and through the use of a pointed and well-sharpened knife we proceed to the isolation of the part relative to the Culatello. At the end of the operation a muscular portion without bone is obtained. We then proceed to a first ligature to keep the muscle mass together. After 3 days the salting phase begins which lasts 7 days during which the product is left in a cold and humid environment. Salting is minimal, the primary purpose is conservative. The qualitative aspect of Culatello is, in fact, its sweetness.
We then proceed to the bagging stage and then to the final ligature, then practicing the so-called ‘drill’ to facilitate drying. The last processing phase consists in seasoning.


Located at the top of the thigh, it is about half the size of the Culatello. It consists of the Quadriceps Femoral muscle and is manually isolated after the removal of the Culatello itself. The subsequent operations are the same and follow each other with the same timing. We start to with first ligature and then proceed to salting and finally to the bagging and final binding.
Like the Culatello, also the Fiocchetto needs a maturing in a fresh and humid environment, so as to guarantee an optimal drying inside, avoiding that the external surface dries excessively.


Positioned in the front part of the back, posterior to the Guanciale and under a layer of Lardo, it is carefully trimmed as soon as it is isolated, in order to give it the classic slightly crushed cylinder shape.
Also in this case, the tanning consists only of salt and pepper so as not to cover the natural aromas of the meat. It is then tied a first time before being bagged and then again very tightly tied to purge the water still inside. After drying in special cells for a week, it then matures in the cellar for about 4/5 months.

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